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**Now with SOUND!**

How to Play: 

  • WASD moves the character around
  • Shift to dash
  • Mouse to aim
  • Click to attack

This is the EARLY test build for my wave based survival game "The Last Cherry Blossom"

You play as the Spirit of the last Cherry Blossom, and your purpose is to defend the tree from the growing Corruption. It is an endless wave survival game. Each wave gets harder as you go on. Currently, the difficulty is only scaled by adding more enemies with each wave.

There's a 5 second delay between each wave, during which the player will be healed by the tree depending on how close you are to the tree itself.  It is possible to be healed to max health between waves. This effect radius also affects your attack damage (Higher the closer you are to the tree). The tree CAN'T be healed. The damage it receives is PERMANENT. This is intentional. As the health of the tree declines, so does your max health. Because you are an essence of the tree, you can never have more health than the tree. Make defending the tree your priority!

Each enemy provides you with a small amount of experience per kill. Every 5 waves, you will be presented with options to upgrade your STRENGTH or ENDURANCE using the EXP you've accumulated. Successfully completing a wave will also grant you bonus EXP.

Known Bugs:

  • Dash particles sometimes don't appear
  • Dash sound effect is quiet
  • Heal Effect sometimes doesn't work
  • Difficult to see player and enemies when behind the tree
  • Enemies can't hit tree if positioned at a certain angle
  • Death animation sometimes doesn't trigger

Please let me know what other bugs you may find! You can do so either here or on Discord! I would also love any suggestions and feedback! :)

Discord: https://discord.gg/52rUfxcAua

Thank you for playing!

-Tyler, Magaldi Studios


TheLastCherryBlossom.zip 35 MB

Install instructions

Once the .ZIP file is downloaded, extract to any folder. To play, run "TheLastCherryBlossom.exe"

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